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  • Sportica Life Fitness & Health's goal is identifying with the customers and responding as a team to their needs while exceeding their expectations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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  • Sportica Life Fitness & Health is dedicated to helping the metropolitan Saint Louis population become healthier through personal training and wellness products. Sportica Life is founded on the principles of safety, science, convenience, customer service, and a return on personal effort. 


  • Only the limits of imagination and customer demands limits the range and level of sophistication of the future plans, products and services offered at Sportica Life Fitness & Health.                                                                                                                                                                

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Lauren Janee

" You guys wanna know who was in my corner the first round of weight loss (pre-twins)? This dude —-> Clinton J Hurd

My personal trainer for about 8-9 months. Where I lost well over 50 pounds. I didn’t know what the fu** I was doing. My life was in crisis (beginning stages of a 4 year journey to get divorced). But I kept showing up, sometimes only because he’d be calling to make sure I was showing up. He taught me how to lift weights. How to keep form. How to feel and breathe my way through each movement. 

He was at the beginning. And here I am down 100+ pounds from the weight I was when I stepped into his gym some 5 years ago. 

Thanks, Clinton for doing what you do. You changed my life. Sending much love and good vibes. "

Jha Je Mills

"I have fell of the wagon and started picking back up the weight that i loss the pics below are past results from SPORTICA LIFE FITNESS & HEALTH who helped me a few years back.. I have rejoined the gym and will be back at it again bright and early tomorrow..not to loose weight but to tone it up. If you have any questions about signing up the information is located on the flyers below..Ask for Clinton J Hurd and tell him je sent you..I might get a few bucks taking off my next "  By Jha Je Mills

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