Personal Training


Sportica Life Fitness & Health is a professional personal training company based in the Central West End. Sportica Life Fitness & Health personal training programs are tailored to fit your needs.


We also specialize in corporate wellness programs and fitness needs. We offer the following programs: personal training, rehabilitation, nutritional analysis and stress management. 


Each healthy living program are designed to achieve your personal goals. Sportica Life Fitness & Health is founded on the principles of safety, science, and a return on personal effort. 

Sportica Life Boot Camp

Suitable For All Levels

This workout is suitable for all fitness levels however it is intense! This workout was developed to enable all fitness levels to participate, enjoy, and benefit the individual! There are more than 10 different fat burning exercises in every class.  

The sportica Life Boot Camp workout is based upon simple , yet fun and effective cardio exercises executed at high and low intensity levels in the outdoors. Sportica Life Boot Camp delivers the most effective cardiovascular workout to complement your current weight training and nutrition program. 

Sportica Life Boot Camp Format

       45 Minutes Program

  • 5 Minute Warm- Up 
  • 5 Minute Stretch 
  • 30 Minute Cardio 
  • 5 Minute Cool-Down 

Elite Personal Trainer

  • Kayla is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. She got her bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and nutrition through the University of Missouri.  She has joined the personal training field to encourage and educate people on exercise and healthy living.  Kayla is enthusiastic, energetic, and loves to see what people of all ages can achieve given the right guidance and encouragement.  In her free time, she enjoys competing in races as well as engaging in many outdoor activities.  Kayla is passionate and dedicated to helping others achieve their personal goals and changing their lives for the better.  

Elite Personal Trainer

  • Devon Williams was born and raised in  Chicago. He was the first  student to ever win the Martin Luther King Jr.  transformational leadership award at his high school. Devon also was presented the distinguished service award. Devon holds the following certifications: CPR, Group Mentoring and National Institutes of Health. Devon interned at Metro East Cross-Fit gym and Athletico Physical Therapy Office. He his three plus years of personal training experience and Degree in Exercise Science from Lindenwood University.Devon was also a former collegiate running back and elite personal trainer. 
  • He is a very determined, passionate, skilled, and dedicated elite personal trainer. Devon  gravitated to the field of health and wellness after experiencing two major injuries his senior year of high school. He tore both of his ACL’s & . His determination to get back on the football field helped him research the necessary material to help rehabilitate himself.  After recovering from those career ending injuries, Devon's hard work helped gain his strength back to become one of the strongest players on his collegiate football team. 
  • Devon’s tragic experiences turned into a blessing, as it equipped him with the ability to train and rehabilitate clients at high levels over the last three years. Devon his also used his abilities to train the following demographic: All-American collegiate basketball players, professional basketball players and USA wrestlers. 

Master Personal Trainer

  • Clinton is a remarkably passionate, skilled, and dedicated personal trainer. Since moving back to Saint Louis he his used his National Personal Training Institute degree to successfully train a variety of clients from complete novices to competitive athletes. Never complacent and always hungry to learn Clinton embarked on many continuous education certifications while continuing his work as a personal trainer. 
  • Clinton's enthusiasm for sports, exercise, and health is highlighted in his own fitness training. Clinton coached high school football and track. He also played on one of the best football teams in NCAA history.  At Northwest Missouri State University, Clinton was part of a team that went 56-3 grabbing two NCAA Division II National Champions titles. In 2017 Northwest Missouri State University Football Class of 1998-1999 was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Clinton also played Pro Football for the Saint Louis River-City Renegades indoor league. 
  • Clinton's wealth of experience as an athlete combined with his qualifications in personal training, means that he is not only able to provide his clients with a scientific health and exercise programs, but always an exciting and motivating training experience. 

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